Hot Rod

Current Projects

  • DeWayne Spiess 1969 Chevy Camaro Twin Turbo LS9

    DeWayne Spiess 1969 Camaro "Anarchy" Detroit Speed front subframe and 4 link rear. Twin Turbocharged LS9 block, 4L80 Automatic with TCI paddle shift control. Rockers lowered 3" rear and 2" front. Rear pan styled after 2010 Camaro. Custom front and rear spoilers. Flush mount windows and filled cowl. 3" exhaust out back through rear pan.

  • Al"s 1929 Model A

    1929 Model A stretched wheel base 8". Stainless Kugal Independent front end with polished Currie 9" rear. We built the Chassis and it is getting an Indy Racing fuel injected Hemi chopped the top and suicide doors.

  • Steve's 1953 Ford F100

    Steve and his Brothers were our very first customers 20 years ago. We have built several car's for Steve over the years but this is a simple driver. It's getting a rebuilt 302 Ford with an AOD transmission. We installed a Heidts independent front end kit and stretched the wheel base forward to get rid of the heavy front end look and drive. We moved the wheel wells forward to match on the front fenders. Other than that its just a low riding nice driver.

  • Henry Kirks 34 ford roadster pedal car

    Henry Powers Kirk 1934 Ford Roadster Pedal Car

    All of our customers are special to us but this one is most special. This is our grandson Henry. This is a one off custom steel 34 Ford pedal car of a 34 Ford roadster. You will see pictures of him looking through magazines dreaming of his 1st car and him helping PaPa work on the car. From welding beaded edges on the fenders to sanding the bodywork to paint and upholstery. We are considering sponsoring a Kiddler Award at the KC World of Wheels so if anyone is interested in entering or helping to sponsor let us know. We will want each participant to document the project as we have here with pictures of the kids with the helper working on the cars. We think it would help get kids into the industry at a young age.

  • Jon Darbyshire 69 Camaro

    Jon's 1969 Camaro LS9

    Jon's 1969 Camaro is getting the new ZR1 Corvette LS9 crate motor from Hendrick Chevrolet in Merriam Kansas. It has the Detroit Speed front subframe with the best of everything. We have installed several of these and they are great. We went with the Heidts independent rear with Wilwood Brakes on all 4 corners. The Ride Tech roll bar is installed now so we can fit everything around it. Stay tuned to see the other modifications we do to separate it from the rest.

  • Doug Adams Pantera

    Doug has had this for about 30 years and is restoring it back to original condition. We are doing the sheet metal work, then sending out for paint and Doug will finish most of the car himself.

  • Gary's 1972 Chevelle

    72 Chevelle Gary bought at the Mecum Auction and is having us update the suspension with all Detroit Speeds top of the line suspension front and rear. We are installing an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharged LS in tha car. We are going to pull in the bumpers for a cleaner look and fit them to the body better then the factory did. We are going back with a white custom leather with the inspiration from his Bentley convertible interior. New Billet Specialty Mag G 18" and 20" wheels and Wilwood 14" rotors and calipers.

  • 1935 Miller Indy Race Car Kits Available

    1935 Miller Indy Car moulded from an original Miller.
    Available with Pete & Jakes Chassis for $10,995.

  • Larry Pyle 41 Hudson

    Larry Pyles 41 Hudson coupe it has a crate HO 350 from Chevrolet. This is a very Rare car with only a few known. Chassis work all done by Larry. The car has been given to Larry's Daughter now. Larry has lost his battle with cancer. God rest his soul. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

  • Kevin Dillon 61 Studebaker

    61 Studebaker with chopped top, split front bumper, billet grill, and flushed bumpers. It sets on an Art Morrison front sub frame welded to the stock chassis. It has wildwood brakes and 18 and 20 inch chrome rocket wheels.

  • Gary's 71 Camaro

    This is a 71 Camaro we found in Springfield Mo. It was a 6 cylinder car with 108,000 miles and in amazing condition. We are putting a Roadster Shop fast track chassis with front and rear independent suspension, with the upgraded billet a-arms and spindles. We have a Twin Turbo charged LS that will pump out over 800 horse power and a 4L80 transmission.

  • Jon's 69 GMC pick up truck

    This 69 GMC truck we found Locally after 6 month's of searching. Jon learned to drive in his grandpa's 69 GMC pick up and wanted something to remind him of that truck. We are installing a Roadster Shop Fast track chassis with billet front and rear independant suspension. It's getting the Edelbrock 435 hp 435 tq. 350 chevy with the endurashine upgrade. We used this same motor in Tim Helton's 55 chevy and couldn't be happier.

  • Jon's 69 Boss 429 Restomod

    This is Jon's 69 Boss 429 Mustang. Its getting a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis with front and rear independent suspension with there billet a-arms and spindle upgrade. Jon Kaase is building the Boss 429 with 8 stack fuel injection giving it just over 760 HP. We are styling this car after the 2014 Shelby GT 500. We are proud to Welcome Larry Erickson to our design team. He has drawn new designs for our new-old mustang project. The new drawings are so awesome we don't want to publish them so stay tuned and see what it looks like.