Hot Rod
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    Design & Planning

    Whether your project is big or small, we will work with you to develop a plan to fit your timeline and budget. We encourage customers to drop by to see the project in progress. If you are unable to stop by and visit regularly, we will keep you up to date with pictures and emails. We have customers from all over the United States so we understand that not everyone can just drop in. On turn-key cars, we recommend having an artist rendering done with color and design choices so you can see a few different options on what we can do for you. It is key to develop a plan early on so that costly changes are not needed down the line. One of our favorite artists we use is Jimmy Smith at Hot Rod Designs.

  • Interior Picture #1


    From stock to radical, our interiors are built using only the best materials possible. We use the best wood and fiberglass to build all of our panels. No cardboard here! Our panels are built for removability and easy access to be able to maintain and get to anything behind the panels. From a hidden audio system to fully molded speaker amps, televisions, cameras, navigation, DVD players, you name it, we will build it.

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    From original replacement to a complete mandrel bent polished stainless, we build our own exhaust with custom hangers that we make to give you that perfect exhaust that is tucked in your frame for a great look and sound.

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    Whether you are restoring your original chassis or building a custom one, we can help you decide what best fits your needs. There are so many new products on the market today, so let our experience help guide you and find a solution that fits both your needs and budget.

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    Chopped tops

    Want to give the perfect look and proportion to your car? Our metal work is done with very minimal amount of bodywork so that your car will look as good years from now as it does when it is finished. We have installed roofs and complete tops from different cars to give a car the look like no other. We installed a 1941 Chevy roof on a 1946 Ford for the late Kansas City Chief's player Derrick Thomas in order to get rid of the bubble look on the Ford and give it a one-of-a-kind, phenomenal look.

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    Metal Fabrication

    From light weight aluminium to heavy metal, we do patch panels to hand formed bodies. We can recreate panels, doors, floor pans, or complete bodies out of steel or aluminium. We can fabricate anything you want whether you have us design it, or it is your own original design. We can separate your car from all the rest with chopping the top, making front and rear spoilers, or other modifications. The trick is to make the car look as though it should have came from the factory that way. We have a full line of equipment to do any job.

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    From installing new reproduction original wiring to complete custom wiring, including remote entry, electronic fuel injection, alarm, custom audio, video, camera, satellite TV, radio or anything you can dream up, we can do it.

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    Air Ride

    From bolt on products to custom chassis fabrication to lay the frame on the ground, we can install air ride on your custom rod. A large part of our business has come from the popularity of the new air ride systems. The reliability and drivability from a properly installed system is the best of both worlds with great handling and looks.