Hot Rod

Past Projects

  • Picture 6

    Helton 1955 Chevy

    1955 Chevy with an Art Morrison Chassis, 9" Ford rear end. Edelbrock crate 350 Chevy with Tremec 5 speed. Billet Specialties 18" and 20" wheels with Mickey Thompson radials. Wilwood 6 piston calipers. AutoRad core support and radiator. Smoothy bumpers front and rear. Custom inner fenders Tea's Seats and custom console covered with Ultraleather. Vintage Air and Dakota Digital gauges.

  • Picture 1

    Cox 1934 Ford Coupe

    Pete and Jake's Chassis with Super Bell Axle and Ford 9" rear with Wilwood brakes and Foose 17" and 18" wheels. Ford Motorsports stroked 351 and electronic AOD trans. Henry Ford all steel body and fenders with smooth running boards. Filled roof and flushmount windshield. Ultraleather interior with Mustang door handles incorporated into door panels. Hidden Audio stereo.

  • Picture 27

    Pillard 1932 Ford 3-Window

    Pete and Jake's Chassis stretched 6" with the hood stretched 8". Winters Quick Change polished with painted bells. Super Bell Aluminum axle in front with Wilwood brakes all around. Brookville '32 Ford 3-Window Body, chopped 3 1/2" with a flush mounted filled roof covered with Haartz cloth. Body is channeled down over frame 3" in front and 2 1/2" in back at the rear wheel wells. Custom Winter front grill narrowed 3" made using an original set of Pines Winter front grill bars. Rear pan was changed to resemble the '32 roadster rear end. Rear wheel wells raised 3" also. AutoRad radiator keeps the 40th anniversary aluminum ZL1 427 Chevy cool. Billet Specialty 18" and 20" wheels with Mickey Thompson radials. '34 Plymouth dash looks like it came stock in the wood grained dash. Tea's Seat is covered with Ultraleather and Daytona weave carpet. Vintage Air blows through a vintage gas heater housing mounted below the dash.

  • Picture 1

    Boyd 1962 Corvette

    1962 Corvette on a SRIII Motorsports Chassis. Chevy LS3 with Magnuson Supercharger, Tremec 6 speed, C-4 suspension front and rear. Old style valve covers adapted to LS3 valve covers and coil packs moved to give the engine the vintage look. Filled cowl vent, door handles and gas door. Classic Instruments in a custom guage cluster moved forward 6" so someone 6' tall can drive comfortable. Ultraleather interior and a custom console.

  • 1957 Panel Truck - Front

    Brattin 1957 Ford Panel Truck

    This 1957 Ford panel truck built to haul an Eleanore Mustang on a trailer, so it is called Haulenore. It has an Art Morrison subframe and the rest of the chassis was built by us. It has Ridetech bags on all 4 corners. 5.4 litre DOHC with electronic AOD trans and a 9" Ford rear end. Wilwood brakes and American Racing wheels. Chopped 2 1/2' rear and 3 1/2" front with a flush mounted windshield. Tea's Seats and Ultraleather interior. Pioneer stereo and amps.

  • Picture 1

    Southwick 1933 Ford Coupe

    Pete and Jake's Bare Bone's Chassis stretched 5 1/2", Super Bell Axle, 9" Ford rear, Redneck body channeled 3", 468 Big Block Chevy with Blower Shop 671 blower and Shotgun scoop. Custom Zoomie's made by Vintage Fabrication. American Racing Salt Flats wheels and BF Goodrich tires. Ultraleather interior with a Carriage Works billet gauge cluster with Bare Bones Gauges from Pete and Jake's.

  • Picture 1

    Grube 1953 Dodge Diplomat

    Very Rare '53 Dodge Diplomat with 392 Hemi and 400 turbo transmission with Gennie Shifter. Art Morrison subframe on front with Ridetech ShockWaves on all 4 corners. Big 6 piston Wilwood brakes drilled and vented behind the 16" Steelie wheels for that sleeper look. This car looks custom but its all the stock body lines.

  • Picture 1

    Stucker 1933 Ford Sedan

    Pete and Jake's Chassis, Redneck Body, 5.4 Litre Ford DOHC, Ultraleather interior, paint 2006 Chrysler 300 Jade Green, American Racing wheels 17" and 20", Carriage Works billet gauge cluster on '32 dash and console made by us out of metal with 2006 Mustang shifter, RideTech ShockWaves on all 4 corners.

  • Picture 1

    Anderson 1930 Chevy Pickup

    1930 Chevy pickup with 980 HP 555 Merlin with Enderle mechanical injection, Built by Matt Driskell Racing Engines. It has a 400 Turbo with manual valve body and trans brake. Art Morrison Chassis with Ridetech ShockWaves on all 4 corners. Chopped 4" with hand made hood, running boards, side aprons and bed with rolled rear pan. It has a full roll cage hidden by the Ultraleather interior and the luggage covers batteries and pre-oiling system. PPG Orange Glow over silver base with gold base on flames painted by Doug Deghelder of Blue Springs

  • Picture 15

    Paul 1932 Ford Sedan

    This is a 1932 sedan we did the interior in black Ultraleather. It has roll cage behind the panels also. It has glide seats. Pete and Jake's chassis and a Super Bell Axle with a 9" Ford rear. Powered by a Small Block Chevy with a 400 turbo, its a tribute to the old Eastwood Barrakat car from the 70's

  • Marmon V-16 Indy Car

    John Hollansworth 1932 Marmon Indy Car

    John Hollansworth brought us a 1932 Marmon V-16 engine in a 27 Studebaker chassis that Pete and Jake's had built so we could replicate a car that ran at Indy from the late 1920's - 1935. He had a couple pictures of the original car at the track in Indianapolis. We built a wooden buck and then formed the body out of .065 3003 aluminum. We took the car to the Miller Meet at Milwaukee and you can see pictures of that meet in the Events section if you click on the HOME section of our website.

  • 61 Impala 2 Door Hardtop

    Larry Pillard 1961 Chevy Impala 2 Door Hardtop

    Restored 40,000 original mile 61 Chevy Impala. We installed Ride Tech StrongArms and 4 link rear with a Ford 9" housing. Wilwood 4 wheel disc and Hydratech Hydroboost. Flaming River Column, Vintage Air SureFit and AutoRad Radiator. New interior and Vintique Chevy Rally's. It is getting Larry's 2nd ZL1 40th Anniversary Chevy 427 with a 4L80 transmission.

  • 69 Camaro Custom Interior

    Jimmy Starke 1969 Camaro

    Jimmy Starke's 1969 Camaro Interior done in Ultraleather with Tea's Seats and custom made console. Detroit Speed 4 link rear, Chris Alston front subframe front end. Wilwood Disc Brakes, Tremec 5 speed LS7 with Magnuson Supercharger. Flaming River tilt column. Fesler hinges and taillights.

  • Ben Cerra 1958 Impala

    58 Impala we are installing floors in for Ben. We have worked on a lot of car's for Ben over the year's.

  • Dylan's 1965 Mustang

    65 Mustang Coupe with a small block Ford, 9"Ford rear coil over suspension. Fitted with the dash and seats from an '07 Mustang. We are finishing it with the theme from the new Saleen Mustang.

  • Model A Speedster

    Ed McWilliams Model A Speedster

    Hand built Model A speedster built locally here in town. We are only doing the interior for Ed on this one. It has the 4 cylinder and he is installing a dual spark plug ignition system on it as well as some other old school performance parts.

  • Robin Greenhagen 1940 Ford Coupe

    Robin Greenhagen's 1940 Ford Coupe with sedan doors and converted to hardtop. Pete & Jake's Chassis with Kugel polished stainless independent front and rear suspension. Erod LS motor with flat heads and intake being made to cover engine.

  • 61 Chevy Pick-Up Duramax Deisel

    Tugger 1961 Duramax Dually

    Robin Greenhagen's 1961 Duramax Dually it has a grain truck chassis shortened 34" total. It has a 2008 Duramax with Allison 2 wheel drive transmission and a dually rear end of the same vintage as the motor. Vintage Air & Flaming River tilt column.

  • 1950 ford panel truck

    Deborah Nickloy 1950 Ford Panel

    1950 Ford panel truck with 4.6 DOHC we are replacing all the floors, firewall and rusted panels. Deborah is building this panel to drive to Art shows and take her paintings and things with her.

  • Doug Livingston 1932 Ford Roadster

    Original steel 32 Ford roadster being completely restored by Doug and his friends helping him. We are just doing the major metal work he was uncomfortable doing himself.

  • Homer Jennings 1946 Chrysler New Yorker

    Chrysler New Yorker with a late model Hemi with a Fatman front subframe

  • 65 Mustang GT 4.6 liter Kenny bell Supercharger

    Wiley Saulsbury 1965 Mustang GT

    Wiley Saulsbury's 1965 Mustang GT, "Bad Influence" 4.6 Litre with Kenny Bell Supercharger estimated 800 HP, AOD transmission in a full tube chassis. 9" Ford rear and tubular A-arms and rack and pinion front end. Wilwood Disc Brakes. Autometer gauges, Flaming River column, Custom rear spoiler and pan with new taillight panel with 5 flush mounted lights. Brake cooling vents front and rear. Hood stretched 1 1/4" and top of headlight bezel tilted forward to meet hood. Stock hood cut and raised 1 1/2" to accent lines in hood and fenders. Flush mount windshield and back glass.

  • 1934 Chevy

    Cliff Hansen 1934 Chevy Master

    Cliff Hansen's 34 Chevy Master 4 door with Ram Jet 350 and Pete & Jake's Chassis. The 4 doors have power window's and the rear 2 side window's power back and the rear power's up and down. Dual Air Conditioners from Vintage Air. Ididit tilt column and Wilwood Disc Brakes.